Wednesday, 20 February 2008

DL - Janet Jackson - Discipline [Retail Part 1]
DL - Janet Jackson - Discipline [Retail Part 2]

We dont have to wait anymore. The album has finally leaked and here it is in HQ retail! Special thanks to Crazy World Of Music . The album is hot I really love it. Much better than 20 Y.O. I personally think! Well anyway enjoy!

1- "I.D. (Interlude)"
2- "Feedback" (R. Jerkins)
3- "LUV" (R. Jerkins)
4- "Spinnin' (Interlude)"
5- "Rollercoaster" (Terry 'The Maddscientist' Thomas)
6- "Bathroom Break (Interlude)"
7- "Rock with U" (J. Dupri, Ne-Yo)
8- "2nite" (Stargate)
9- "Can't B Good" (Ne-Yo, D. DoRohn Gough)
10- "4 Words (Interlude)"
11- "Never Letchu Go" (J. Austin, J. Dupri)
12- "Truth or Dare (Interlude)"
13- "Greatest X" (The-Dream, T. Stewart)
14- "Good Morning Janet (Interlude)"
15- "So Much Betta"
16- "Play Selection (Interlude)"
17- "The 1" (featuring Missy Elliott) (J. Dupri)
18- "What's Ur Name" (J. Dupri)
19- "The Meaning (Interlude)"
20- "Discipline" (Shea Taylor, Ne-Yo)
21- "Back (Interlude)"
22- "Curtains" (R. Jerkins)

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At 20 February 2008 at 16:47, Blogger Being in the Mix

I love it. Thanks for putting it up! She came a long way from Rhythm Nation.